Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ibex, I bet

... but I didn't see any.

In 1970, the Shah of Iran presented the US with a herd of Ibex.  They were located in the Florida Peaks near Deming, NM, which is my current location.  There are two State Parks here - Rockhound, with camping, and Spring Canyon - a day use and rugged hiking area, where the Ibex are most often viewable.

The area is, of course, very rocky, with steep slopes and jagged formations rising out of the southern NM desert.

The most promising trail for spotting Ibex is the Lovers Leap trail.  It follows a stream course, with cliffs rising to peaks more than 1000 feet above the hiker.

At dawn, the rising sun is hidden from the campground area but lights the Spring Canyon formations.

When everything combines - the right sun, the right angle, and the right sky, it can be breathtaking.