Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fortuitous Timing

(Forewarning - These shots were much better in the original.  Apparently Blogspot decided they should alter the photography to a machine's idea of proper exposure.)

I was hanging out in the Tillamook State Forest.  I had done some uninteresting hikes, then I took a ride along the highway to the east.  Near the ridge, I saw a sign at the start of a gravel road that said "University Falls".  I turned in.

Four miles later I arrived at the trailhead and started hiking.  It was in the 90's and the grades were steep in places.  The forest was pretty dry, and I was concerned that I was going to get to a dry wall that is a waterfall in wetter times.

The major trail became a small path and a few minutes later the temperature dropped 10 or 15 degrees.  In that blessed, welcome coolness, I turned a corner and beheld...

The sun was at an angle that placed its rays parallel to the face of the wall.  As it moved, gaps in the tree cover played a changing symphony of light over the strings of mist and water.

A few minutes later the light no longer fell directly on the water, so I found a different focus and composition.

Nice day, even if I was soaked with sweat by the time I got back to the car.