Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Bit Of This And That

When I post here, I try to have a strong enough central theme to tie the photos together.  Well, I am in southern New Mexico, where I am beginning my 6th winter.  Most of the strong themes have been covered, but I do have a few photos taken recently that are worth sharing.

A few days ago a strong weather front came through as I was sipping my morning coffee.  Looking out the window, the sky was charcoal and the nearby trees were glowing in the morning sun.

As the patches of light shifted, some trees were in deep shadow while some were highlighted providing dramatic contrast.

The next day Jim and I took a hike, doing more exploring of the remote areas near Caballo Lake.  This time we headed just to the left of Brushy Mountain, enjoying the shifting angles and shadows on a pillar at the northwest corner of the peak.

To the north, Caballo Peak's cliffs were pocked with mines.  In the upper right corner of this photo is a mine shaft that would comfortably accommodate an 18 wheeler.  The track below it is where the mine tailings were pushed out to cascade down the slope, coming to rest near where we walked.

We pushed back about a mile and a half, climbing 600' on very rough terrain.  In that area the streamed in which we were hiking (Trails?  We doan' need no stinking trails!) had eroded some of the layered rock.  We looked, hoping to see some fossils, but had no luck.

The road to where we started hiking was a challenge.  I like my Forester more every time we do one of these explorations!

Returning home, we passed a flock of Sand Hill Cranes.

A large portion of the flock took flight when we stopped the car.

A nice end to a challenging day...