Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salt Creek Falls

Today was a cold, grey, rainy day - a good day for a car trip.  At the higher elevations I found new snow on the trees.
 In the middle of the Cascades is Salt Creek, flowing westward from the Willamette Pass.  At Salt Creek Falls it drops into a chasm that, per Google Earth is 300 feet from the walkway at the edge of the vertical drop next to the falls to the water below.  For comparison, Niagara Falls is about 160 feet.  The trail introduces you to the falls at the top, just upstream of the drop.
A trail winds around the northwesterly side of the cliffs, bringing you down to something near the base.  I followed it about 1/3 of the way for this shot.
I definitely want to go back on a day that is dry.  I hope that happens before it is time for me to leave here.

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