Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deschutes River, mid-Spring

The Deschutes River is a beautiful mountain river that rises from the western flanks of Mt. Bachelor,

a stratovolcano which while quiescent is an internationally known ski resort south of Three Sisters and Broken Top.  The river runs south to a reservoir, then emerges to flow east and north, eventually reaching the Columbia River.

As the Deschutes River turns north, it drains several volcanic areas including the Newberry Caldera and Paulina Peak, Paulina and East Lakes, and the eastern slopes of Mt Bachelor.  One tributary from eastern Mt Bachelor gave me a reflective scene alongside the road.

Paulina Peak is a shield volcano whose existence is marked by massive obsidian and lava flows which form Newberry Caldera.  At this time of year, it is snow-covered and totally inaccessible to the likes of me.  It rises over the valley between it and Mt Bachelor.  I am camped approximately half way between these two giants.

The view of Mt Bachelor above is from a vantage point a few hundred yards from where I am camped.  Across the road from me is a field which is populated each evening by a herd of elk.

In La Pine State Park, the Deschutes River passes a vista known as MacGregor Overlook.  The river snakes through the area, with Paulina Peak looming above.

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