Sunday, May 5, 2013

Travelin' Time

I got an 'atta boy from my doctor, leaving me free to "phone in" my fall appointment.  That means I am able to return to Colorado this summer to spend some relaxing time there rather than driving through, tense as a drum, with a malfunctioning towed car braking system, like last summer.  I planned my departure and left home, heading for the Tetons as my first destination.

The Tetons are a three day drive from home.  My second night on the road, I stayed at a city park in Burley, Idaho, at the side of the Snake River.  The cloudy afternoon through which I had been driving evolved into a break in the clouds at just the right place and moment.

While the subtle lighting of the higher clouds was interesting, the real gem was the steel truss bridge so nicely silhouetted in the setting sun.

The next day was wet, grey and cold.  The Snake River and I climbed to above 7000 feet elevation to reach the Grand Tetons.  I have seen them in late June with my family in 1963, in late September in 2011, and in July and August, 2012.  Entering the Park with a sense of anticipation, I saw... nothing.  Clouds obscured all but the very bottoms of the peaks.

I checked into the campgrounds and set up, planning a 2 month stay with no hookups. 

The next morning dawned clear and crisp.  Tent campers on the neighboring site were taking photos of... the bare trees?  It made no sense but looking where they were pointing their cameras, that was all I saw.  Then a shape emerged from behind several trees.

It is good to be back here.

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