Saturday, September 28, 2013

Those bells, those bells...!

Not the bells of Notre Dame Cathedral, but the Maroon Bells.  Located about 9 miles southwest of Aspen, Colorado, are a pair of peaks called the Maroon Bells.  When the light is right (seldom, during my visit) the maroon color is pronounced.  Viewed from Maroon Lake, the jumping off point for most visitors, the bell shapes are clear.

For those willing to take a few steps, a trail leads around the lake, opening fresh perspectives with each step and with the ever-changing light.
Above the end of the lake, two trail systems exist.  The left takes you to the inflow,
(Watch the birdie...)
The trail to the right goes to Crater Lake.  It is a more challenging hike.  Along the way, there are views back to Maroon Lake.
At Crater Lake, the air was still and the colors seemed muted, almost pastel, perhaps due in part to the overcast sky.
The moment that REALLY draws photographers is early morning, looking for the color of the rising sun on those Maroon peaks.
I am now in New Mexico.  Five days after I left the Maroon Bells, all those soft green aspens in the valley below the Bells turned golden, and the Bells got a dusting of snow.  I need to figure a way to get back to Maroon Bells in the end of September rather than the middle.  Maybe next year...


Jim and Gayle said...

It is so beautiful there anyway, but it would be superb when the aspens turn. Love the photo of the early sunlight on the bells.

Chris said...

Ken, I have a similar photo to your first one hanging in my office except there is a dusting of snow on the peaks and the aspens have turned. The kids gave it to me for my retirement. This has to be the most photographed spot in Colorado.

Chris H

sg smith said...

Your photographs are beautiful, Ken

Anonymous said...

I so wanted to visit the Maroon Bells this past Sept. but plans just didn't work out. We'll aim for next fall but it is always tough figuring out when those Aspen decide to change colors. Beautiful photos!

LJohnson said...

Beautiful photos of the Maroon Bells and Crater Lake, makes mine look rather amateurish. I especially like the reflections at Crater Lake, spectacular. I learned a lots from your photos.