Sunday, March 8, 2015

Won'tcha Come Up And See My Etchings?

We heard about petroglyphs near Rincon, so on Friday off we went, looking for them.  Well, our directions were bad but we had a nice hike, and we THOUGHT we had a better idea of where they might be.  We went back today.

After parking, we hiked to the top of a rather dramatic wall of red rock that would be a magnificent waterfall with a good storm.  We stood there on the dry rock, trying to decide where, in this challenging terrain, we should look.  I looked back and up at the spot we had been standing a minute before and saw, in the black "varnish" that forms on some of these rocks...

Having found our first petroglyph, we started up the wash, knowing that we were at least in the right area.  Both Jan and Jim stopped to look at some markings, trying to figure out what they were.

Here, darkened to make them more visible, are the markings they were studying.

Suddenly, they were everywhere we looked.

This has been said to depict a series of waterfalls.

A lizard?

I have not seen a description for this one, but I think it probably represents rushing, swirling water.

For those who can "view" a 3D photo, this is what the terrain was like.

Cool day...

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Pleinguy said...

Nice find. Not sure where you were at though.