Friday, April 17, 2015


I left New Mexico and worked my way northwest, visiting Meteor Crater and Valley Of Fire on the way.  My route took me along the Great Basin Highway and the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.  There were times where I would drive for an hour without turning the steering wheel, or seeing another vehicle.

I made it to Oregon on time, and hindered down in Riley, waiting for clear weather to cross the Santiam Pass.  Each night, the pass was getting snow, up to 10", so I waited.

Wednesday, the forecast was clear, so I went up and over.  Here I am, perched above the MacKenzie River at my favorite boondock site.

From here, I can make out Mount Jefferson to the north.

To the northeast, Three Finger Jack and Mount Washington are visible.

The best view, though, is to the east, of the Three Sisters.

It's good to be home.

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Pleinguy said...

Aaah, a site with a view and fresh mountain air. Looks familiar... enjoy.