Saturday, June 27, 2015

I have a new home (I think)

With help, guidance and recommendations from several friends, this blog will continue at  Thank you, all.



Joan said...

Good to see the blog "boldly go"!

Jenny J said...

Wow! I like the new website. It shows your pictures very well. Thanks for continuing with your blog. You always capture such beautiful images. It's a joy to see them. I think WordPress has more themes to allow more flexibility to show pictures. I would go with them for my own travel records.

judilyn said...

Hi Ken - I was going to suggest Wordpress, too. I have been with them for over three years, and have no complaints. I started a couple of blogs before that, but it was so frustrating to deal with them, especially Blogger, that I gave up. Then I found Wordpress. Hope to see you there. I'm off to follow your url.

Virtual hugs,