Friday, December 4, 2009

Off To See The Wizard...

Dawn filled Enterprise with a rich red light. I crawled into my clothes and, camera in hand, braved the low teen temperature outside for a photo of the rock by my campsite.

As I was going back in, I heard a roaring sound to the south. A hot air balloon was being filled in the field next to the campground.

I watched as the balloon lifted off. To my surprise, instead of lifting up to clear the rocks, the pilot kept the balloon near the ground.

The light breeze took it up the canyon I had hiked a day or so before.

In less time than I would have thought, it disappeared behind the rocks.

I packed up and headed east to Albuquerque. I have a nice campsite with a great view across the Rio Grande valley. Last night there was a temperature inversion. A cloud was rising out of the valley and formed a thin line of cloud above the valley and below the mountain just at sunset.


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