Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What a Place for a Steerable Sled!

Today I drove to the top of Sandia Peak, elev. 10,600 feet.It was a very clear, mild, sunny day and the views were great.

On the way down, my GPS said the shortest way home was by a secondary road, Rts. 44 and 165.  At the turnoff, I looked and the road was narrow, plowed, but covered in packed snow.  The sign said, "Steep Hill".  I thought about it, then decided that I can't get adventure by sticking to highways.  I started down.  Three miles later, I had decended from 8867 feet to 6600 feet, an average of 13%, all on packed snow and ice, not a single clear section, no sand or salt, and no guide rails.  I was never so glad for the lessons my father taught me about driving on snow as I was today.  FUN DAY, though!

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