Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Creek Falls

A few days ago I hiked to National Creek Falls.  At 1/2 mile, all downhill in and uphill out, I knew it was pushing my limits, but I rested the day before and planned to rest the day after.

When I got there, the falls were dazzling, strongly lit by the sun, sparkling with the explosion of droplets from the water hitting the rocks forming shining diamonds falling through the air.  I was captivated but tired.

Another serious photographer was there.  He had set up his tripod across the stream, the best angle for composition.  I wanted to cross but did not have footgear to wade, and was uncertain about my balance to cross a fallen log.  I settled for a few shots from my side. 

I was NOT happy with the result.  Rather than accept what I had, I went back yesterday.  I crossed the log successfully and set up my tripod where I wanted it.  The result was what I was after. 

This first shot is to give you a sense of scale.  Note the size of the log in the falls compared to the size of the boy.

The second shot is what I went there for.


Anonymous said...

Great shot Ken, what was your shutter speed?

Ken said...

Thank you. I believe it was 1 second. I bracketed from 1/4 second to 4 seconds. I used f25, ISO 100, and a #3 neutral density filter.