Sunday, November 9, 2008


November 9, 2008
I left at about 7 after topping up my fresh water tank. I drove past Lassen National Volcanic Park but, as Route 89 was closed due to snow, did not go through the park. (89 from Lassen to Shasta is a route I REALLY want to drive some day).

Shortly after departing Lassen, to the north, 130 miles away, standing above all other features, I saw Shasta for the first time. How magnificent! Pure white, classic shape, towering above all around it, it was breathtaking.

I traveled west to I-5, then I-5 north to Medford, OR. Along the way, I got gas, went through my first weigh station (no, I don’t know what I weighed) and drove past Shasta. I am DEFINITELY returning to that area.
I pulled into a WalMart lot in Medford, where I bought various supplies and spent the night. Tomorrow, Vehicle Specialty for a recliner…

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