Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Got wood?

As an Oregonian, massive trees, straight grained and tall, are familiar to me.

I use them in my photos, and I hike in their shade.  As someone who used to do woodworking as a hobby, I can make good use of this natural material, not just as part of a photo.

Here in high desert country, it is different.  Trees are more challenged.  Even when they grow, they are stunted and gnarled.

Maybe backlighting with some fill light...?

When they can no longer manage the struggle, they shed their bark, they dry, and they turn a silver grey color which, in the shadows, can reflect the blue of the sky.  They split and crack, revealing their tortured growth.

There is a strange beauty in these twisted remnants.  Both Jim and I have been trying to capture these forms with our cameras.  It is frustrating.

I guess a couple of old men can be interested in wood, but not know what to do with it when they get it...


Aeagles said...

Nice post. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think you have captured the wood magnificently. Raw or structurally formed, wood is beautiful. Like Andrea said, I enjoyed this post.